Zoom HRV Flexwear Band

Zoom HRV can be worn on your upper arm, lower arm, wrist or ankle.

This multi-sport accessory was designed for Zoom HRV and adapts to your activity of choice.

Unlike the more simplistic devices crowding the market, Zoom HRV adapts its bio-sensing capabilities to varying body locations based on functional need.

  • Wear it on your wrist for easy-to-view optics while you run.
  • Relocate to the forearm, upper arm or ankle and still gather critical in-motion heart rate zone data during swimming, cross-fit or yoga.
  • Place it on your ankle for cycling so you gather all the same biometric data plus real-time cadence measurements from pedaling.

Zoom HRV’s lightweight pod design easily locks in and out of Flexwear accessories to meet the versatile needs of multi-sport athletes.

What’s included in the box?

    • 1 Pod Holder
    • 1 Small Band
    • 1 Large Band

Please refer to this chart for optimal placement when using Zoom HRV Flexwear Bands.