LifeTrak Zone C410

Automatic sleep tracking, app connected.

Advanced sleep tracking for maximum health benefits. Our LifeTrak Zone line unites the best features of fitness trackers into awesome health tools. Both Zone C410 and C410w (arctic white/orchid) combine accurate heart rate for precise calories, steps, and distance, plus clear-cut automatic sleep monitoring and Bluetooth compatibility. Sync to our LifeTrak app to see detailed sleep charts, or go simple and view your sleep right on your tracker. The cherry on top? You never have to recharge; our battery lasts one year. With the LifeTrak Zone C410, 24/7 tracking really is 24/7. You get all day, all night monitoring and long-term data storage together, creating tracker harmony.

See the dimensions in the tech specs below to compare the Zone C410 and C410w.

See the Zone C410 in action

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