Zoom HRV

Train Smarter and ZOOM!


Zoom HRV® is simply the most comprehensive heart rate training wearable device ever created. It represents a quantum leap in performance capability over similar devices. Most wearables boasting heart rate detection struggle to match the reliability of the most basic chest-belts. Zoom HRV delivers a next-generation suite of biometric heart rate insights that will revolutionize how you train, how you recover, and, most importantly, how you reach new personal bests.

Zoom HRV continuously measures heart rate intensity on land and even under water. Its sensors also detect heart rate variability (HRV) to measure recovery level before and after workouts, and even while you sleep. Physicians and trainers have relied on HRV for decades because it is one of the most important indicators of personal fitness.

Zoom HRV can be worn on your upper arm, lower arm, wrist or ankle. It is water resistant to 50 meters and provides streaming biofeedback on a single charge for five days. Now, just one wearable device can:

  • continuously measure heart rate
  • monitor all physical movements
  • auto-detect sleep and manage ambient blue light exposure
  • calculate calories burned based on heart rate intensity
  • count laps in the pool, steps on a trail or RPMs on a bike

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