Technology Partners
Salutron is a global supplier of heart rate and activity monitoring solutions for health, sports & fitness, and other consumer applications.
Salutron’s team of engineers and scientists deliver a unique blend of consumer wearable experience, advanced physiological research expertise, and a passion for accuracy and reliability.  Since 1995, after our founders had a close friend unexpectedly pass away from cardiovascular disease, our mission has been to deliver superior science in order to improve lives.
Today, our technology is used in leading global brands of cardio fitness equipment, in chest straps and heart rate monitoring watches, in advanced research projects, and in cutting-edge activity tracker products.With ongoing physiological research activities and scientific studies focused on better ways to analyze and understand information available from the body, this will enable the Salutron team to build and deliver robust technology for consumer, industrial, and medical wearables.
Linea Research Corporation was founded in 2006 to provide sensor integration and signal processing solutions for the medical device industry. Since 2007, Linea has conducted advanced physiological monitoring R&D for a variety of US government agencies, such as NASA and the Department of Defense.
In January 2012, Linea was acquired by Salutron, Inc. and became a wholly owned subsidiary, with the goal of bringing advanced R&D technology to market, through Salutron.