Our Story

Mike Tsai, a successful entrepreneur, founded Salutron Inc., in 1995. He was inspired by the memory of a friend he lost to a sudden heart attack. Realizing that even a seemingly healthy man could succumb to heart disease, Mike wanted to spread knowledge and provide tools for a healthy life. With the help of an engineer friend familiar with ECG technology, Mike started the company and began working on heart rate monitoring technology that could be used by everyone.

Following Our Hearts

Salutron was the first to bring ECG-accurate heart rate to heart rate monitoring devices for consumers. With this accurate technology, Salutron brought this medically accurate monitoring to top brands of chest straps and cardio equipment found in gyms, and quickly became the market leader.

Wearables Pioneer

Salutron’s team worked for nearly two decades, delivering innovative products and technologies for athletic equipment. Realizing that a true picture of health included data collected between workouts, Mike focused Salutron’s innovation team on expanding into wrist-wearable heart rate devices and fitness trackers. Salutron pioneered wearable fitness watches before the term was even minted. Quickly, Salutron was recognized as the global leader of physiological monitoring for consumer heart rate monitors. Salutron’s heart rate monitoring technology can be found in top sporting goods brands.

Space Age Technology

In a relentless pursuit of innovation, in 2012, Salutron merged with Linea Research, now our Advanced R&D division. Since 2007, Linea was dedicated to developing innovative products based on core competencies of physiological monitoring, sensor integration, signal processing and algorithm development. Linea has completed numerous federal R&D grants to develop physiological monitoring technology for programs at NASA and the military. Thanks to its design and manufacture of wearable devices for astronauts, Linea has extensive knowledge of body monitoring. Testing in the Mars flight-simulator program has only expanded Linea’s knowledge base.


LifeTrak Fitness Trackers are Born

With the combined expertise and proprietary technologies of Salutron and Linea, Mike launched a brand of superior fitness trackers called LifeTrak. LifeTrak recognizes a holistic approach to body and fitness monitoring and a commitment to developing superior science for all people. LifeTrak’s value-based price points demonstrate this commitment to creating paths to wellness for everyone.

LifeTrak’s state-of-the art body-monitoring offers you advanced ways to monitor and improve your health. LifeTrak fitness trackers help you achieve health and fitness goals by providing proprietary and accurate tracking of heart rate, calorie burn, steps taken and distance traveled. Syncing to the LifeTrak app enhances functionality and engagement of the fitness trackers.

As of June 1, 2015, LifeTrak went from being a brand of Salutron to an newly incorporated startup company!

The LifeTrak Commitment

We firmly believe that your heart is at the center of everything you do – fueling your life and driving your passions. Monitoring your heart rate and using it in fitness tracking is the most accurate way to set your fitness goals and help you reach them. We are wholly committed to providing the premier fitness trackers that listens to your heart to help build your path to better health.

Today, LifeTrak has already started to fulfill this promise with its current portfolio of 24-hr fitness trackers that listen to your heart to help build your path to better health, through proven science, innovative technologies and user-friendly goal setting.

LifeTrak is the most accurate fitness tracker and wellness partner that seamlessly integrates into your life because only LifeTrak has the legacy and technology to use heart rate as both a method of ensuring accuracy as well as measurement of health.

In addition to providing the best technologies to achieve this, LifeTrak is a committed health and wellness partner to you by providing education and information on heart health, activity plans and support.
Our team is constantly enhancing our heart rate monitoring technology and also innovating in new areas of health and fitness, so stay tuned!

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