The World’s First Wearable Body Computer
With the push of a button, ZoomHRV™ continuously measures your heart rate and heart rate variability with extraordinary accuracy and precision. ZoomHRV automatically detects your body’s readiness to train and tells you how hard to push. ZoomHRV tracks every move you make, every calorie you burn, and minute you sleep.
“The Zoom HRV is a device that will revolutionize the wearable industry.”

What is HRV?

And why you need to know
HRV is the variation in intervals between heartbeats. Use your HRV data to train better. You’ll know when your body is ready to push harder and when it needs to recover.

Know Your Fitness Score

Get the full picture
24/7, ZoomHRV is measuring key indicators of your fitness level. V Score and V Scan help you harness this data.
V Score
A personal biometric fitness assessment – generated while you sleep, updated daily, and then refined down to a single, powerful number that will transform your approach to training.
V Scan
Your on-demand personal power meter. V Scan is a 3-minute heart rate variability (HRV) measurement designed to bring insight to your current physical condition and readiness to train. ZoomHRV automatically compares your V Scan to your V Score so you'll know how your body is responding relative to your running average.

From Track to Bike Path to Pool

Finally. Heart rate for running, cycling and swimming.

ZoomHRV measures everything you do, anywhere you do it. Accurately monitor your heart-rate and performance metrics with every stride, stroke, lap, or loop – above ground or under water. ZoomHRV continuously tracks crucial heart-rate data so you can learn how to push your limits.

Multi-Sport. Multi-Function. Multi-Wear.

Data that makes a difference
If you're into counting steps, buy an activity tracker. ZoomHRV is an advanced, biometric device for serious athletes who want to train smarter. ZoomHRV can be worn on the wrist, forearm, or upper arm to measure heart-rate during any type of training. Or wear on the ankle to track cycling cadence. ZoomHRV even counts laps in the pool. True versatility for multi-sport athletes.

Next-Generation Heart Rate Measurement

ZoomHRV doesn’t just track beats-per-minute. ZoomHRV detects heart rate rhythms that reveal critical training insights and puts all that knowledge at your fingertips. Measure calorie-burn more accurately. Analyze sleep patterns more precisely. Track exercise more intelligently. There’s no going back. It’s time to Zoom.

Metrics That Matter

From wrist to device
ZoomHRV syncs with compatible devices, making it a cinch to monitor your HRV, track the data over time and your performance.

Goodbye Bulky Chest Belts

Comfortable to wear. Easy to connect.
ZoomHRV is a wearable body computer that wirelessly syncs to the ZoomHRV app so you can view and track your training results on your smart phone or tablet. ZoomHRV is compatible with Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ devices and apps and syncs with Apple Health and Google Fit. ZoomHRV also receives performance enhancements from the Zoom Cloud.