Congratulations! You are committed to a health lifestyle and understand that fitness trackers can be a critical tool in your path there. You also understand that fitness is more than time at the gym, so you have selected LifeTrak, which integrates into your life and tracks key measures of fitness all day. Use the selector below to help identify which tracker will work best for you.

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How would you rate your fitness level?
What is your main fitness goal?
Which do you want to track?
How important is heart rate (1 = Not important, 5 = Critical)?
Would you like to be able to sleep better (i.e. monitor your sleep patterns)?
Would you like assistance in falling asleep and waking up?
Would you like to be enabled to enhance your mood, energy levels or sleep better (i.e. monitor your exposure to light)?
Would you like to stay connected with smartphone notifications on your wrist?
How do you want to view your data?
Would you like to save and view more than 7 days of data?
How would you rate your tech savvy level?

Best choice based on your current answers:

heart-iconHeart Rate Variability (HRV)



SleepTrak 3.0

app-iconPrecise Tracking

app-iconApp Connected

battery-iconLong Battery Life & Water Resistant

power-iconAlways On